Friday, January 08, 2010

This week I have been preparing acrylic parts for my pinball machine. The parts were drawn in Inkscape (both the artwork of the parts and their shape). I have sent the shapes to be laser cut in acrylic. The artwork was printed in 4 A3 sheets of paper in a professional print shop.

There are some photos of the results here:

Laser-cut acrylic parts

An acrylic part and its printed artwork

One acrylic part with art ready to be installed in the machine

Also, this week I have discovered Jeri Ellsworth, a pinball-geek girl who is also notable for some other hacks. She's building a pinball machine and posting videos on her youtube channel. Check out this live streaming of her lab. There's an IRC bot to control the webcam zoom and angles and also a text-to-speech bot.

She's recently posted a video explaining how to make coloured pinball parts using fabric dye. I will probably try to do that with the flipper rubber bands of my pinball which are black but were supposed to be red.

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