Monday, January 11, 2010

Today I have started to learn how to use FreeCAD. My first exercise was drawing a 3d model of a pinball post similar to these ones. Here it is:

3d model of a pinball ribbed post

The CAD file is here, released under public domain.


  1. Hi Juca,

    Have you already produced the posts ?? Haw did you made that ?? I'm also from Brazil and would like to produce some parts for my my Taitos, including posts....

    Congratulations for your project. It's to nice !!

    Silvio Finotti

  2. My intention is not to produce new posts. I just needed 3d models of pinball parts in order to make some design decisions on how to build my pinball machine.

    Please send me an email so that we can share some more ideas.


    Minha intenção não é produzir postes novos. Eu só precisava de modelos 3d de peças para pinball para que eu possa tomar algumas decisões de projeto para a construção da minha máquina.

    Por favor me mande um email para podermos trocar mais idéias.