Friday, December 03, 2010

Pinball Hacking in Vienna

I am currently in Vienna, Austria, visiting the Metalab Hackerspace. They have a very nice EPILOG 36EXT laser cutter there and I couldn't avoid using it to cut more parts for my pinball project! So I focused on the upper playfield (ramps, loops, P-U-K-E platform...).

This is what those parts are supposed to look like in the end:

And you can see how they look like now in these photos:

I still need to apply artwork to these acrylic parts. The stickers that I'll use in the project are these:

I also presented a speech about the project trying to get more people interested in hacking on pinball machines DIY manufacturing fun.

Then I also got the opportunity to help on the Roböxotica festival by laser-cutting the wood trophies for the cocktail robots contest!

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